• Point-Bl_nk Communications specializes in strategies that blur the lines between traditional media and new media.
  • We focus on creating stellar campaigns that can be leveraged across all mediums, online as well as print. We will help you sculpt and hone your messages so they will resonate across any method of communication, regardless of their publishing model.
  • Point-Bl_nk Communcations understands building a strong influencer relations program is integral to establishing credibility.
  • While large analysts firms are still influential, increasingly, boutique firms are making a greater impact. With shifting publishing models, these smaller firms are building strong reputations based on their quality of content and social media influence.
  • Point-Bl_nk Communications gets you in striking distance of those who matter the most.
  • Once we capture the top targets, to further your communication goals, we’ll get you prepped to engage and excite them.
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